Competitive Squads

The Cairns Stingrays Swim Club has proudly been a part of the Woree Sports and Aquatic Centre since the facility first opened. It has hosted successful State and National level swimmers as well as 100m Butterfly Olympian - Chris Wright.


The Competitive Squads is the next step after swimmers have progressed through the L'il Stingers Learn to Swim program. We gradually introduce the competitive scene to older children (8+) through to young adults (18+). 

Skate Rays - This squad helps bridge the skill gap between learn to swim and the junior squads. It's the first stage of the junior development program with a focus on body position, introduction to the complete butterfly stroke and an understanding of technical skills like "the catch" and "pull through". There is no competitive requirement for joining the Skate Rays

Leopard Rays - The second stage of the junior development program. Swimmers spend more time developing race specific skills such as dives, turns and underwater proficiency. Also furthering the development of each individual stroke technique. Skate Rays are to attend 2 sessions per week. To Progress into Leopard Rays from Skate Rays, swimmers must be apart of the Cairns Stingrays Swimming Club and attend 3 Swimming Carnivals throughout the season.

Eagle Rays - The first stage of the senior development squad. It is expected when swimmers progress into the Eagle Rays that they compete at FNQ Swimming Championship meets as a Cairns Stingrays Swimming Club member. Morning sessions are now made available, as well as a dry land sessions during the week. Eagle Rays are expected to attend 4-5 sessions per week.

Manta Rays - The second stage of the senior development squad, and the highest achievable squad at Woree Sports and Aquatics Centre. This squad focuses on developing each swimmers endurance and conditioning through increased intensities in the pool and a supplemented dry land component. Swimmers are now also encouraged to qualify for State wide competitions and Australian Age National Championships. Manta Rays are to attend 6+ sessions a week, including 1+ morning sessions per week.

Squad Levels
Squad Timetable

Below is the squad timetable.