Karen Skudder Personal Training

Fitness is here to be enjoyed! Fitness provides us with the ability to enjoy a healthy active lifestyle.
The beauty is you get to choose your own fitness adventures – the options are endless. As a
passionate Certified Personal Trainer, my philosophy focuses on continual lifelong learning as I work
towards enhancing the well-being of my clients by empowering them with the knowledge, skills,
support, guidance and resources to assist and inspire them on their journey to a healthier life.
Together we will transform your quality of life through active participation in regular fitness
activities and the integration of guided fitness programs, to make your health goals become a reality,
in a caring, fun, and dynamic environment.

I try to help clients achieve a balanced lifestyle that encompasses all dimensions of health &

I try to create a training environment that not only motivates but also empowers individuals to
continually challenge themselves in a fun and rewarding way.

Certificate 3 in Group Fitness
Certificate 4 in Personal Training
Commanding Bootcamp Certificate
METAFIT Instructor
METAPWR Instructor
THUMP Boxing Instructor
Specialised Older Population Training


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